At Learning Sphere, we have a strong commitment to empowering Indigenous Australians through skill development and supporting them in reaching their full potential. When Nanyabura, an Aboriginal cleaning services company, faced the loss of a government contract related to COVID cleaning, we recognised the need to step in and offer assistance.

Since 2021, we have worked closely with Nanyabura to upskill their staff. Our collaboration began with Skillset training for a group of employees, which enabled them to transition from casual to part-time employment. Subsequently, they embarked on a traineeship, undertaking a CPP30321 Certificate III in Cleaning Operations to develop their skills further.

Recently, we received notice that our partnership with Nanyabura was concluding. However, our determination to help the employees find new job opportunities remained unwavering. We organised group training sessions to support their transition to ensure they completed their qualifications successfully.

This effort will ensure the trainees have a competitive advantage in the job market, as they will enter with a full qualification, distinguishing them from other applicants. Additionally, we reached out to select clients, resulting in the employment of four trainees. Presently, two trainees are working with Joss Facility Management, while the other two have found positions with Killara Services.

“We are committed to helping Indigenous people achieve their full potential,” said Learning Sphere General Manager Johann Compion. “We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed, and we are proud to be able to help these employees find new jobs.”

In addition, Learning Sphere has reached out to Training NSW and Programmed to evaluate placement options for the remaining Sydney trainees.

Our intervention centred on two primary objectives:

  • Acknowledging that Indigenous skill development and employment has far-reaching community benefits beyond providing basic shelter; and
  • Equipping the trainees with comprehensive qualifications and a competitive edge in the job market, fostering a profound sense of achievement.

At Learning Sphere, we take immense pride in assisting Indigenous employees in securing new job opportunities. We strongly believe in providing equal opportunities for success and remain dedicated to empowering Indigenous individuals to achieve their full potential.

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