The Making Tracks Program, initiated by Wilson Security, is their Indigenous Engagement Program aimed at transforming the perception of Indigenous People in the field of security. The program sought the support of Real Futures in attracting participants and providing a training venue.

We were tasked with engaging the students in a BSB20120 Certificate II in Workplace Skills program. This was crucial to maintaining their involvement as they waited for their security license to be granted.

A total of 16 students enrolled in the program, and 15 graduated on the 2nd of December 2022. Kelly Dwyer, Learning Sphere Trainer, received high praise from the students who considered her the best.

All 15 graduates were placed in employment with Wilson Security in non-licensed roles while they awaited their licenses, which can take up to three months.

One of the graduates, Jenn, shared her personal story of being part of the Stolen Generation and how the program has given her hope for her family and community. As a result, she will work as a store greeter for Woolworths in the Redfern area.

These remarkable students are poised for great things in their careers with Wilson Security and as leaders in their community. They have already connected Learning Sphere with Indigenous school career advisors to explore more opportunities.

Wilson Security has already booked two more courses in New South Wales and two in Victoria for 2023, marking just the beginning of their efforts to change the narrative of Indigenous People in the security field.

The graduation ceremony, attended by Mark Mallia from Training Services NSW demonstrated the program’s success. Mark was impressed with the additional training and support provided to the students, and he expressed his intentions to spread the word to senior managers in the industry.

The team at Learning Sphere is proud of the program’s outcome and looks forward to working with Wilson Security and other Indigenous Engagement Program partners to create more opportunities for change.

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