When St Marys Rugby Leagues Club needed help finding suitable candidates for their open positions, they turned to Learning Sphere for assistance. As a reputable training provider, we suggested an innovative approach incorporating pre-employment training as part of the hiring process. This would provide potential employees with the necessary skills and knowledge, increasing their competitiveness in the job market.

The training was subsidised by the NSW Government through the Smart and Skilled Program and the outcome was impressive. The comprehensive training was delivered to 40 participants, divided into three classes. All three classes had high levels of engagement and participation, with 36 students successfully completing the training.

The training was hosted at St Marys Rugby Leagues Club and facilitated by our trainers. The program included both classroom and hands-on components, with the highlight being a session led by Shane Hickey, the HR Manager of St Marys Rugby Leagues Club. During this session, students had the opportunity to apply their learning to a real-life scenario, enhancing the relevance and meaningfulness of the training experience.

Shane successfully placed 10 individuals in various positions within the club and continues working with the other students to find suitable roles. The graduation ceremonies, attended by staff from St Marys Rugby Leagues Club, Employment Service Providers, and Mark Mallia from Training Services NSW, celebrated the hard work of all participants and acknowledged the program’s positive impact on their futures.

At Learning Sphere, we are dedicated to delivering effective and impactful training programs that positively impact individuals, businesses, and the wider community. We believe that the success of this program is a prime example of the positive impact that pre-employment training can have on individuals’ job readiness and success. We look forward to working with other businesses to create similar opportunities.

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