A major home care service tasked Learning Sphere to design a culturally sensitive and responsive employment training program for its Aboriginal Home Care service to fill an employment gap across New South Wales’s Sydney and Hunter regions.

A crucial element to deliver the training was partnering with Real Futures, who empower Mob to realise their employment aspirations and become workplace and community role models.

Over 4 weeks, 26 aspirants learned to become personal care assistants. The outcome of the training program meant Elders received home care by Mob, allowing them to stay comfortable within their homes and communities as they age and need additional support.

Emma Jory, Learning Sphere National Sales Manager, is proud to be part of a partnership that upskills aspirants for long-term employment success.

“Focusing on the client’s requirements, Learning Sphere Training Solutions formed a program providing the successful aspirants with key skills to equip them for long term careers. Our program equipped the aspirants with the entry skills they needed to transition into their roles confidently and set them up for success.”

Together with Real Futures, the NSW Smart and Skilled program was accessed to help fund the pre-employment training for the 11 aspirants in the Hunter region and 15 in Sydney. The success of the tailored training speaks for itself with an outcome of 76% employment rate for the group, which is an extraordinary outcome for the aspirants, client and Training Services NSW.

The cohort is eager to continue their studies, and as a result of the program, some are now aspiring to become Assistants in Nursing and eventually Registered Nurses.

The home care service continues to support the partnership with Learning Sphere and Real Futures, scheduling another program in the coming months.

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